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Every business owner should have access to marketing support to help their business succeed. 

We have broken the old model, which relies on you believing that marketing is some kind of secret formula, accessible only to companies with the right connections and truckloads of cash to spend. 

Choose your support tier

Your business is constantly evolving, your marketing will too. Our pricing is designed to be agile and support the natural ebbs and flows of your business.


$99 per month

  • All-in-one marketing management platform
  • Training and resource library
  • Basic concierge support


$499 per month

  • All-in-one marketing management platform
  • Expert feedback on projects
  • Training and resource library
  • Priority concierge support 

Explore our Add-Ons

We've build a trusted network of marketing freelancers who are experts in their field and known for being accessible, efficient, and effective operators. We'll match you with the right pro and support you along the way.

Interested in what kind of support we offer?


Organic Social Media Management

Email Marketing Management

Content Development & Copywriting

Graphic Design

... and more

Growth Channels

Earned Media & Awards

Paid Social Ads

Paid Search Ads

... and more

Technical Configuration

Google Analytics

SEO Configuration

... and more

Frequently asked questions

  • What if I need to change my subscription plan?

    No problem! Margo is designed to support your business and your bottom line. If you're currently a Pro Subscriber and want to downgrade, you can update your account at any time.

  • What kind of support is included in my Essentials subscription?

    Every Margo subscription includes basic support to help you use the tools and resources effectively. Feel free to ask general marketing questions or for guidance on making the most out of your time with Margo.

  • What kind of support is included in my Pro subscription?

    In addition to the basic support offered in the Essentials subscription, Pro subscriptions offer additional premium support to help guide and provide feedback in real time on your marketing efforts and program. For example:

    • Request feedback on your blog post draft, email newsletter, or other marketing product
    • Ask an expert for feedback about big bets you're thinking about for your business
  • Can Margo create and implement my marketing?

    Yes! Our Essentials and Pro subscriptions are only for the tools and expertise available through basic or premium support, but we have hundreds of add-on options for outsourcing the creation and execution of your marketing.

  • My business is seasonal, can I switch between Essential and Pro based on the type of support I need?

    Absolutely! Margo's flexible subscription plans allow you to upgrade or downgrade based on what's best for your business. Each subscription charges based on the month and will prorate if you adjust your plan within a billing cycle.

  • Can I cancel my Essentials or Premium plan subscription at any time?

    Yes. Unless you've signed up for an annual subscription, all of our plans are month to month, so you can cancel at any time from within your Margo Dashboard under Settings. You can always send us a chat or email if you prefer.

  • Who are the marketing partners I work with?

    Margo’s marketing experts and network includes experienced senior leads who have a track record of success building profitable companies and high ROI marketing strategies.

    Our network of freelancers is vetted through a similar process, completing (paid) test assignments and a thorough reference and portfolio audit to ensure you, and your team, are in great hands.

    Our entire team is regularly reading, learning, and expanding our awareness of effective marketing tactics and changing trends to keep your company’s marketing moving forward.

  • How do I become a marketing partner?

    If you are an experienced marketer or service provider interested in joining the margo talent network, please send your CV to [email protected]