Our pricing is simple

Our Marketing OS is available for a flat monthly $99. Beyond the basic platform, we build customized proposals based on your unique circumstances, goals, and reporting needs.

Marketing OS

$99 per month     |     20% annual discount
Monthly trainings and office-hours
Customized marketing program
Project templates and copy samples
Community support resources
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Custom Add-Ons

Marketing isn't one-size fits all. Easily configure the platform experience that is designed for your unique goals, budgets, and internal support needs.

Add-ons include:
  • Marketing project management and staffing support
  • Monthly investor/board reporting, meetings, and commentary
  • Advanced reporting and KPIs
  • Creative, content, and operational support
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How does Margo compare?

There are a lot of options for marketing support. Find what's right for you.

Wide skillset, deep expertise

Agencies typically offer a wide range of marketing skillsets - often with some creative/video and technical/UX to support the full range of their clients' execution needs. These vary in size from (very) boutique to global and can be both general and hyper specialized.


Average monthly fees

6 months +

Average project length

Hands-on, pulled 100 directions

In-house marketers need support from a variety of resources - creative, technical, content - for a wide range of applications. Multifaceted marketers demand a high premium and still will need support rounding out their skillset and managing the full extent of a marketing program. With a small group of marketers you have the power to move quickly while staying closely aligned to the founder or executive team and company culture.


Budget for internal role(s)


Ideal initial in-house team size

Big selection, big admin burden

There is an incredible amount of talent available to support marketing needs at every price point. Whether they are found via referral, internet search, or expert marketplace, there's the headache of processing and managing paperwork but also the process of training and onboarding yet another new face with the relevant information about your company.


Average project cost

10+ hours

Admin cost per new teammate

Blog post, white paper, oh my

There is enough information on the internet to build your company a different way twenty times over. If you like to experiment or dive deep into the background of how and why, you can find some incredible resources to help you build your marketing materials.


Average project costs


Biggest hidden cost

Commonly Asked Questions

Is there a minimum subscription length?
Our shortest subscription period is monthly. You can cancel at any time and your plan will not be renewed.
How does the price change if I choose to pay annually?
We offer a 20% discount for annual payments.
What if I need to pause my account?
You can pause your account, no questions asked, for 30 days. None of your information will be deleted, but your account will be frozen and inaccessible during that time.

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