Grow your business on your terms.

Whether you're ready to invest a bit or are still in the "blood, sweat, and tears" phase, our flexible subscriptions and add-ons help you stretch your bandwidth and budget.

Easily monitor KPIs that drive your profitability

Tracking your metrics and understanding how to make changes to your marketing activities is central to optimizing your growth investment and expenses.

  • Track expenses to understand acquisition costs by stage and type
  • Clearly see your path to profitability and monitor revenue goals and project expenses
  • Connect with experts to review your KPIs and provide feedback on your progress
  • Adapt  marketing activities to support your goals

    It seems like the surprises just keep coming these days. Whether its supply chain impact or a pivot in product offerings, update your marketing activities — pause, stop, or kick off new projects.

    • Choose evergreen or specific campaigns to build a regenerative foundation or boost a specific revenue line
    • See how activities drive KPIs with built in analytics and reporting
    • Select a template or build your marketing plan using our guided tool

Marketing made possible, no MBA required

Margo's all-in-one platform translates complicated marketing concepts and time-intensive processes into tactical, guided action plans.

Document brand, product, and audience positioning

Your brand is more than just your logo files and color palette. Record the important details about your company to help simplify your future marketing projects and keep your teammates in sync.

  • Easily stay "on-brand" and "in-voice" when creating materials for your company
  • Clarify product (or service) positioning and showcase your company's unique benefits
  • Stop digging for your brand's colors or logo files — it's all right where you need it
  • Connect with freelancers and experts from your dashboard

    Find marketing teammates — from tactical operators to strategic experts — who can provide feedback or help you complete your marketing activities. Metrics and KPIs, including 1099/HR admin, included.

    • Manage freelance marketing experts within your dashboard for easy team and accounting management
    • Find and message experts based on your service needs, company type, or unique offering available
    • Build your virtual marketing team and explore resources by other creators

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