Marketing made simple.

Whether you're just hanging your shingle, trying to reach new customers, or launching a new product, Margo takes the pain out of creating and executing marketing that grows your business.

Are you ready to grow your business but need help with the marketing that will get you there?

Margo takes the pain out of marketing so you can grow your business.

  • Affordable subscription levels
  • Improve your marketing this week
  • Get support from senior level marketing experts
  • Tasks so simple, any DIY-er can succeed
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All-in-one marketing management platform

All of your marketing needs, all in one place, for wherever your business takes you

Launching and growing a business has enough uncertainty, but experts are traditionally hard to find and tough to afford. Margo's makes it simple to access marketing expertise tailored to your company.

  • Convenient all-in-one dashboard, or your marketing command center
  • Step-by-step onboarding audits and builds your marketing foundation
  • Project templates and easy-to-complete tasks help build momentum
  • Chat with Margo Experts in one-click live concierge support

Your growth platform

Margo makes it easy to connect with your customer and grow your business.

Now's the perfect time to get your business organized and ready to grow. Whether you plan to launch a new product or re-open your doors, our all-in-one marketing management platform was built for you.

What makes Margo different?

We are reimagining marketing to make it accessible for everyone, not just those with big budgets and marketing gurus. Because we at Margo know marketing is critical to the survival of all businesses. And the thing is, great marketing that grows your business doesn’t have to break your budget.

It does take people who know the marketing universe, understand business and can put together a strategy with tactics to achieve your company objectives. 

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Starting marketing from scratch?

You have your products or services, have set up a website and maybe even created social media accounts. Now you need help growing your audiences and converting them into customers.

That’s where Margo comes in. Our discovery process documents what you have and helps you build your marketing foundations.

See why over 10,000 companies joined our community in 2020

Margo provided me with a strategic framework to clarify our brand messaging to target, warm-up, and convert our donors, partners, and supporters. The practical campaign approach helped educate new and long-time board members and articulate how our work addresses a broad array of social issues.

Brian Arnold

Lindsay Linhart

Director of Development at the Sloane Stephens Foundation

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