Marketing isn't one-size-fits-all.

With Margo, you get a custom marketing plan, access to experts, and a digital dashboard to keep you organized -- starting at just $100/month.

Grow your business with a clear path forward.

Margo starts with a simple assessment to capture information about your business and goals. Based on your unique business goals, resource constraints, and needs, your Margo Partner will develop a personalized marketing strategy to guide your growth.
“I've spent thousands of dollars working with freelancers since I started my business two years ago, but working with Margo the last 6 months has grown my business more than the time before combined. Once I gave Margo a try, I haven't looked back."
Kristin, Online Vintage Store Owner
Experts in your corner
High-level marketing and creative strategists and operational experts lend hands-on support at every level, with additional support services a click-away.
Easy-to-use dashboard
One-stop destination for all of your marketing resources means no more hunting for files or wondering what projects needs to happen pronto.
Full resource library
There's need to reinvent the wheel. From guided trainings to templates and example marketing copy, save time (and sanity) as you build your marketing.

Grow your business on your terms.

Whether you're ready to invest a bit or are still in the "blood, sweat, and tears" phase, our flexible subscriptions and add-ons help you stretch your bandwidth and budget.

A dash of structure and a gentle push in the right direction.

You are ready to do-it-yourself with a custom marketing plan and access to experts who are ready to give you actionable advice and feedback. Get unlimited support from our Margo Partner Community, select add-ons and find vetted freelancers to help tackle one-time or ongoing projects.

Dedicated marketing expert a click away

Your dedicated Margo Partner will help you navigate your marketing strategy and project plan, and provide documented feedback on your ongoing marketing projects. From (optional) weekly check-ins to your monthly marketing report, your Partner helps to adapt your plan to changing priorities or business demands or match you with vetted freelancers for add-ons or ongoing services.

Hands-on marketing strategy

When you are pushing the boundaries of move fast and break things, marketing moves quickly and requires more than a light touch. With your Margo Team, you'll be matched with a dedicated Margo Partner and a dedicated Margo Strategist. You'll get next-level strategy for businesses primed for growth, with support for your team and investor relations efforts.

This is ideal for businesses  requiring more specialized marketing understanding, for example finance, healthcare, or other regulated industries.

Flexible one-time or ongoing support services

Operating on a lean budget means that flexibility and the ability to quickly scale and adjust your marketing spend is just how growth operates at this stage. We get it. Our modular approach to support services means that we can help navigate everything from putting together a simple infographic to managing a 6-month promotion or launch campaign.

Work with one of our Margo Partners to be matched with best-fit freelancers or browse our directory to find the support you need.
“The pressure to figure out our marketing plan has always been there, but we didn't know where to start.

Working with the team at Margo, I feel like I have a clear picture of what I need to do and how to hit my revenue goals. When things things hit a snag, they are patient, calm, and ready to help us figure it out the best way to handle it."
- Andrew, B2B SaaS Technical Founder
Focus on the work that matters
For a new or growing company, there are endless marketing opportunities, but chasing everything means getting nothing. Margo helps you clarify your priorities and chart a clear path so you can hit the milestones that matter.
Expert perspective and guidance
Sacrificing big-picture advice for tactical project support often sends your business astray, despite seeming quite productive. Margo's tiered support system and wide network of industry specialists are designed to help you look forward without skipping a beat on the present.
Expansive training and resource library
Save time with our library of 200+ templates and sample copy that get you started without reinventing the wheel. Margo's weekly trainings, regular office hours, in-depth knowledge base, and responsive support keep you moving forward confidently.

Grow your business online.

Discover the all-in-one marketing platform with the power of a marketing team. See plan details.

Get up and running quickly

Publish your first Margo-supported marketing pieces with our easy-to-use dashboard — no MBA required. Audit and update your current marketing or start from scratch.

Works for your business

Margo works for all kinds of businesses — service providers, SaaS or software companies, online shops, restaurants — without costly customization or add-ons.

Find more customers

Expand your reach and sell more by focusing your marketing efforts — time and money — on proven tactics for your website, email marketing, and social media.
Working with Paige and the Margo team as we pivoted from services to SaaS mid-pandemic was life saving for our company.

They helped us rethink our go-to-market approach and brainstormed a creative campaign to reach and drive initial product demos. For our project pilot we targeted 100 mid-level product managers thinking we would get 10-20 conversations scheduled. Within three days, we scheduled 83 demos. We had such an overwhelming response we were training friends over the weekend to help us do product demos the next week.

After working with Margo, we have a better understanding of our customer and how we can connect to get product or sales conversations going - even better, we're seeing the results in our sales process and closed deals.
Shelby, product management SaaS (software-as-a-service) founder

Wherever you are in your business — grow it with Margo.

Whether you're launching something new or ready to hit the revenue accelerator, Margo gives you affordable expertise designed to help you hit your goals.

Step 1: Identify and use your unique brand and product attributes to define your marketing strategy.
Step 2: Reach new audiences and convert more customers with a clear plan and back-pocket support.

Just starting out

Start a business presents challenges at every turn. Follow our Foundations program to define your unique marketing messages and launch your core marketing channels - your website, social media, and email marketing - to find your earliest customers.

Ready to grow

Thus far you've handled your marketing with a patchwork of freelancers, consultants, friends, even a deep dive Google shesh. It's time to refine what works and build the marketing strategy that will help you engage with, and expand, your community.

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