Meet Margo, your marketing OS

All-in-one marketing platform gives you the power of a CMO from the palm of your hand

Build a customized marketing strategy that activates your brand, product, and community to create awareness, increase engagement, and drive revenue.

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Make sense of marketing with your digital CMO

The platform helps you build marketing materials that set your business apart

From founder-led to full team, Margo's modular structure lets you find the support you need for your goals, and adapt your plan as you grow or pivot.
  • Define and clearly communicate your company's brand, audience attributes, and product positioning across your team
  • Find and manage talented freelancers in our expert network who can easily integrate into your projects to help accelerate your progress or tackle a specific project
  • Review results from core analytics and KPIs or build customized reporting for pipeline and investor/board review

How does Margo work?

Create your free account

You'll be able to manage your marketing architecture  and access Margo's extensive training library.

Share your growth goals

You'll answer a few questions about your business and share  about your challenges and your goals.

Meet with your Margo strategist

Review your marketing recommendations, choose your level of strategy and operational support.

Get started on your project plan

If something comes up between check-ins, reach out to your Margo strategist to update your plan.

Commonly Asked Questions

How does margo help me with my marketing?
Margo strategists complete your marketing audit and share specific strategies to help meet your goals. With every active subscription, your up-to-date project plan keeps you on track and working toward your goals.
Which subscription plan is right for me?
Margo's modular subscription plans give you the ultimate flexibility in managing your marketing and your growth. Most Margo subscribers choose CMO: Best for business owners that want custom strategy and feedback or perspective along the way. They (or someone they manage) are completing the recommended marketing activities.
What does Margo cost?
The core Margo subscription starts at $99 per month for a DIY subscription. If you need more support -- either in strategy or operational work, you can get CMO ($499 per month) or TEAM ($999 per month) support as well. Freelance rates are priced independently and billed through your company's Margo dashboard.

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“The pressure to figure out our marketing plan has always been there, but we didn't know where to start.

Working with the team at Margo, I feel like I have a clear picture of what I need to do and how to hit my revenue goals. When things things hit a snag, they are patient, calm, and ready to help us figure it out the best way to handle it."
- Andrew, B2B SaaS Technical Founder
Focus on the work that matters
For a new or growing company, there are endless marketing opportunities, but chasing everything means getting nothing. Margo helps you clarify your priorities and chart a clear path so you can hit the milestones that matter.
Expert perspective and guidance
Sacrificing big-picture advice for tactical project support often sends your business astray, despite seeming quite productive. Margo's tiered support system and wide network of industry specialists are designed to help you look forward without skipping a beat on the present.
Expansive training and resource library
Save time with our library of 200+ templates and sample copy that get you started without reinventing the wheel. Margo's weekly trainings, regular office hours, in-depth knowledge base, and responsive support keep you moving forward confidently.

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