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Overview of Social Media Updates

Social media is an important platform for communicating with your audiences by serving as an accessible, timely source for information.

Creating and managing a social media presence that acts as a cohesive extension of your brand can improve your customer’s overall experience. Providing updates through your social media channels can yield high engagement with your audience, increase your geographic reach, make your customer feel satisfied and more directly connected to your brand, build trust, and increase sales.

Creating a social media strategy incorporates many foundational elements of your brand to further support your marketing goals. Choosing which platforms will offer the most benefit for your company can be dependent on the demographics of your targeted audience and where they engage most. Knowing your target audience’s demographics allows you to understand their personas and how to best market your brand.

Social media channels to consider using to increase your brand’s digital marketing presence:

YouTube is the most used social platform among US adults, making it a top priority for your social media marketing strategy.

  • 73% of US adults use YouTube*.
  • As a video platform, YouTube is ideal for companies that create consistent video content to communicate with their audience.

Facebook’s latest reportings find that as of June 30, 2020, there were 2.70 billion monthly average users (MAUs) worldwide. The advantages to using Facebook are focused on their vast amount of users.

  • 69% of US adults use Facebook*.
  • Using Facebook allows businesses to reach a larger audience and target key demographics for advertising and community engagement.
  • The ways in which you interact with your targeted audience on Facebook should be in line with your brand’s messaging.

Instagram is another widely used channel that engages a younger demographic.

  • 37% of US adults use Instagram*.

LinkedIn is geared toward your professional audience. This platform can be used for networking within your industry and serves as a great resource for increasing your company’s thought leadership presence. LinkedIn is a useful tool for both B2B and B2C companies who are looking to engage with their niche audience.

  • 27% of US adults use LinkedIn*.

Twitter’s limited character count allows you to be concise and direct with your audience, which is great when sharing timely information and news to your audience.

  • 22% of US adults use Twitter*.

Pinterest is a great platform for companies that have a high visual presence and use photography as a sales tool.

  • 28% of US adults use Pinterest*.


  • 24% of US adults use Snapchat*.


  • 11% of US adults use Reddit*.

*These results are based on a 2019 report published by Pew Research Center.

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