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Optimize your social media management with these tools

Spread your content, message, and business online using the wide range of tools and sites to automate sharing, track where people are seeing your content, and schedule sharing in multiple places (and on repeat).

  • ShareThis — Free share buttons and tools for your website or blog. This can freshly update your content on your social feed by automatically syncing your social feed to refresh content every x amount of time. It can help create interest by adding images, videos, and more to your social feed. It can attract new followers by increasing the visibility of your social feeds and add social share buttons that are directly on your website. This will increase the amount of time people will spend on your site. You have full control by approving the posts, showing or hiding the text, and can utilize easy tools to crop and create posts.
  • AddThis — Add share buttons, targeting tools, and content recommendations to your website. This platform offers free simple share buttons, which can increase website traffic, generate brand awareness, and demonstrate social proof. It includes follow buttons, which can increase your audience engagement, boost your brand awareness, and build an online community for your business. There are also list builders for email, etc. that can help increase your sales value, reduce cart abandonment, and create leads. Additionally, this tool includes link promotion, which can showcase your new blog posts, discounts, and more to boost traffic to your new content, reduce cart abandonment, increase sales, and reduce bounce rate. This is all for free and easy to install within just a few minutes.
  • ClickToTweet — “Tweet About This” link generator to promote your blog, website, and business. This platform is an easy way to promote, share, and track content on Twitter for free. All you do is write your message, click the “Generate New Link” button to create the custom link, then share the link and track the activity of the message over time.
  • Sprout Social — Social media management software. All-in-one social media management platform that unlocks the full potential of social media to transform every area of your business. You have the ability to uncover the trends and actionable insights from the data to create your business strategy.
  • Later — Upload, manage, and schedule Instagram posts. A visual planner, by scheduling your social media posts and helping you find your unique best time to post. A user-generated content, to help find-on brand content, and by adding your own touch., which will transform your Instagram into a tiny website, with analytics. You will be given the opportunity to see which posts are bringing in traffic. Finally analytics, this tool can make reporting easier, and help you understand more about your social strategy.
  • MeetEdgar — Social media management and scheduling software. A female founded and self-funded business. This platform offers unlimited scheduled posts. Edgar can help with creating social updates when you do not know what to say. You can save your updates to a limitless library of content and Edgar can automatically pull from your library and keep the online presence fresh every day.
  • Hootsuite — Social media management and scheduling software. This platform allows you to view and manage all of your social content in one collaborative calendar, makes it easy for your team to build more engaging posts, schedules your presence on social media to be active 24/7 and offers automatically scheduled posts to fill gaps, assigns your teams to specific tasks, and more to help you stay ahead of the industry.
  • AgoraPulse — Social media management tool that works with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.
  • Buffer — Social media management platform. Visually plan and schedule your social media campaigns to measure and report on the performance of your content. This tool can also schedule your stories on Instagram, create and save hashtags that you want to use, and include your location and user tags on your Instagram.
  • CoSchedule — Social media management, blogging editorial calendar, workflow management, and analytics. Their products include a Marketing Calendar that helps you see, schedule, and share your marketing and a Marketing Suite which is a group of marketing products that can coordinate your time, products, and process.
  • Iconosquare — Instagram and Facebook analytics and management software. A tool to get advanced analytics that are easy to understand. You are given the chance to add multiple social profiles and take control of your presence in one place. A scheduler is available that includes built-in features such as: Best Time to Post, Geolocation, User Tagging, a tool to keep track of selected competitors, and more.
  • Tailwind — Pinterest and Instagram scheduler, analytics, and marketing tool. It can schedule photos and videos, offers one-click hashtag suggestions, finds the right hashtags for your post, and uses SmartSchedule, which picks the perfect times to post (when your audience is most engaged). As for Pinterest, the tool creates pins fast and easy. Within 2 minutes Tailwind takes your photo and transforms it into a dozen of personalized designs for you to choose from. The tool can create and schedule an entire week of Pins within 30 minutes.
  • Sked Social — Plan and schedule Instagram content. Auto-post across platforms, from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google, My Business, and LinkedIn. Visually plan your feed, which can help you see what your feed looks like within weeks and months before you post. There is no time limit on how far you want to plan out your posts.
  • Planoly — Instagram and Pinterest planning, scheduling, and posting tool.  Draft, plan, schedule, publish your content, and analyze your business profile data. This is available through the web or on mobile apps. This tool also allows you to easily sell your products on the social platform. No more sending customers to your website to search for the product, but rather make the product available to be sold on social media by just clicking on the photo. Easily create and customize your content with their selection of templates.
  • Caption Writer for Instagram — Create seamless line breaks between paragraphs in your Instagram captions. This tool gives you the opportunity to save your captions in advance and use them when you are ready. You are also able to save hashtags that you always use and have them easily available versus looking back to old posts of what tags you used previously.
  • Display Purposes — This platform allows you to type hashtags that you want to use and see if those hashtags are banned or spam. They will then filter them out, allowing you to later copy and paste the safe and usable tags onto your post.
  • Smart Hash — This is an app that allows you to “split test” your hashtags on Instagram to give you an idea of which hashtags are actually getting you more audience engagement.

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