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Navigating the Margo Dashboard


The notifications tab, located on the left toolbar, is there to inform and notify you.

  • If someone on your team or a Margo administrator comments on a project, it will be displayed in your notifications.
  • If an announcement was posted by someone within your team, you will be notified.
  • If someone messages you individually, you will be informed within this tab.

Send a Message

To send a message to a team member, click the orange “Send a Message” icon, and a message box will pop up, allowing you to create your message.

Find a Specific Notification

To find a specific notification, there is a filter tab on the right side of your screen, with the options of comments, messages, and announcements.


The calendar tab, located on the left toolbar, will default to your monthly calendar with any projects and/or marketing campaigns scheduled for that month.

Changing the calendar view

To change the view of your calendar to weekly or daily, navigate to the right side of the screen where you’ll find a dark blue icon with the options: month, week, day. Simply click on your preferred view.

By using the “week” view, you can see the weekdays listed horizontally, then the times listed vertically. This is great if you want to see what that specific week is going to look like.

By using the “day” view, you will be given an overview and a list of times for that day. This is great if you have few campaigns happening on the same day and need to know the times for each campaign.

Searching for a campaign on your calendar

To search for a specific campaign, use the search toolbox above the calendar. You can also use the category drop box above the calendar, which gives you a list of categories that the campaign(s) could be listed under. For example, if you click, “Email marketing,” all the campaigns that are categorized as “email marketing,” will be the only campaigns displays on your calendar.

Add a campaign to your calendar

To add a campaign to your calendar either click the orange icon “Manage Campaigns,” on the right side of your screen to take you to the Campaign tab, or click the Campaign tab located on the left toolbar. Either or, once you get to the campaign tab page, you can see all of your campaigns. This is also where you can add a campaign. More information about the campaign tab is available below.


This tab, located on the left toolbar, displays all of your campaigns that you have created.

Adding a new campaign

To create a new campaign, click the green “Add Campaign” icon on the right side of your screen. A box will appear and you will then fill out the information about your campaign beginning with the name. You’ll then add start and end dates, assign it to an appropriate category, and add a detailed description.

View a campaign

If you want to look over a campaign, you can find it in the list of your campaigns. Then on the right side of that campaign, you’ll click the orange “view” icon. This will take you to a new screen, which will show you the information about that campaign.

Edit a campaign

To edit a campaign, simply click on the grey writing pencil icon. This will allow you to edit the entire campaign, from the name, date, category, and description.

Delete a campaign

To delete a campaign, simply click on the grey trash can icon. Please be sure that you want to delete it and it is the right one! When you press the button it will be automatically deleted, without any warning.

Find a campaign

There are multiple ways to find the campaign that you are searching for.

  • Use the search bar. Simply type the campaign name in the search bar and press enter on your keyboard. If some campaigns have a similar name or use a few of the same words those will be included in your results. For example, if you have one campaign named “Test 1” and another “Test 2” and you type in “Test” the two will pop up in your search results.
  • You can also filter by category using the dropdown options. By filtering by category, you can search for the campaigns that were placed in that category.
  • Use both the search feature and category filter. If you are searching for a specific campaign and many have similar names and categories, using both features can help condense your search results.


This is the place where you get to keep all your ducks in a row. You will see three project status columns: To Do, In Progress, and Complete. Underneath each column, you will have all your projects listed by their categorized status.

Find a project

To find a specific project, use the category dropdown on the upper left, then select the category that it would be listed under.

Change the project status

If you would like to move a project to a different status, it will need to be changed manually. To do that, click on the project that you are wanting to transfer, and under “Project Status” you will see a dropdown that will give you the three options: To Do, Progress, and Complete. Select the appropriate status and tada – your project will move to that column!

Make a new project

To make a new project click on the grey icon with the “+“ symbol on the far upper right corner. A pop-up should appear which will allow you to create your new project. There are many questions it will ask, such as, the due date, project status, who is it assigned to, and so forth.

Managing the task list

A task list is there to help you and your team know what needs to be done and when. Once that task is done, you will need to manually check the box next to the task, indicating that the task is complete.

Creating a task

After identifying which project(s) will need separate tasks, click on the project. The project information will pop up in the middle of your screen. There will be a list of categories: Description, Attachments, Task List. Under the Task List, there will be a plus sign with green text “+ Create new task”. Click on that, then a check box and “untitled task” will pop up above the “Create new task”.  Click on the “untitled task” and you are ready to type out what you want to name the task.

Adding someone to a task

To add someone to a task. Go to the task, and on the right you will see an add person icon. Click on that icon, and a list of your team members will be available. Then you can just click the names of those you want to be involved in that task.

Delete a task

To delete a task click the “x” icon on the right. A pop-up box will appear, confirming that you want to delete.

Add a comment on a project

While working on your project your team might want to include comments. Instead of sending out an email, this comment field can help you stay organized and efficient. Add a comment by clicking on the project and populating the “add a new comment” text field.


Your marketing architecture information will be populated after you complete the “Getting Started” project created by the Margo team.

Edit marketing architecture

You can edit your marketing architecture at any time. Simply find what you want to edit and click through to edit. Don’t forget to save your changes, which can be done at the bottom of your screen.

Asset Library

Your asset library is a great place to store any important images, documents, and more.

Add an asset

To add a new asset, click on the teal icon “Add new asset.” A pop-up will appear, where you can name, describe, and categorize the asset. Finish by uploading the asset,

Delete an asset

Find an asset

If you need to find a specific asset, you can either use the search toolbar by typing in the name or use the category drop-down where you can select which category assigned to that asset.


Within the tools tab, you are given definitions of some marketing tactics you might begin to hear about or have already heard. In this tab, you are able to look at the words to better understand them.

Find a tool/resource

When you go into the Tools Tab, you will be taken to the “Channel” category, where you can see every tool/resource within the glossary. If you are wanting to find a specific category, use the drop down that says “Channel” under Tools & Resources. If you are needed to reset your category search, click the green “Reset Filters” icon.


Upload your avatar

An avatar is a photo that will be displayed beside your name any time you post or comment to help your teammates recognize you.

To upload a new avatar, first, have the photo saved to your computer. Then click the green “Upload New” icon, and your search box for your personal photos will appear. Then go ahead and choose your favorite photo!

Delete your avatar

To delete your avatar, click the grey “Delete avatar” icon.

Change Your Email Address

Update your company’s location

Your company might move in the future. So when that happens, you will want to change your Company’s location under the app. Underneath your avatar and your first and last name, you will see “Location.” You can edit your location at any time.

Update your company’s bio

To add information about your company, go to the box that says “Bio.” In this box, you can add company information.  

Cancel your subscription

To cancel your subscription go to the Settings tab. On the top of your screen you will see “Profile Settings” and “Account Page”. Click “Account Pag.” and click the teal “Cancel Subscription” icon.

Downgrade/Upgrade your plan

To downgrade or upgrade your plan, go to the settings tab. On the top of your screen, you will see “Profile Settings” and “Account Page”. Click “Account Page.” You will then see a teal “Downgrade Plan” or “Upgrade Plan” icon. A box will appear, confirming your decision.

Information about your plan and billing date

If you need to know when you will be billed and your plan/subscription details, click the Settings Tab. On the top of your screen, you will see “Profile Settings” and “Account Page”. Click “Account Page.” On the top of your screen, it should say “Payment” along with a brief description about your plan and what day of the month you will be charged.

Invite a user

Inviting a user is important because this is where you invite your team so you can communicate with one another within the Margo platform. To invite users, go to the Setting Tab. On the top of your screen, you will see “Profile Settings” and “Account Page”. Go ahead and click “Account Page.” In the middle right of your screen, you should see a teal “Invite a User” icon. Enter the user’s name and email address, then press send. The team member should then receive an invitation to join.

Forgot Password

This happens to all of us, so no worries. On the sign-in screen, right underneath the password box, you’ll see “Forgot Password?” Click on that, which will then prompt you to enter your email address. You will then be sent next-step instructions to your email.

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