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Increase your visual impact with these photo editing apps

When you're building a business, you need to make every dollar stretch as far as it can. You can increase the visual impact of your images a bit further by using a photo editing app to edit the images to fit your brand visuals or to retouch specific elements - like brand logos you don't want to feature alongside your products or services. Here are some of the most popular tools and apps that can transform your photos/visuals.

  • A Color Story — a photo editing app with over 500 filters, 120 movable effects, templates, touch tools, and more. Within the  bundles that are purchased, filters focus on a specific color scheme. For example: the Jewel package includes 11 new filters that heighten the hues of evergreen, wine, sapphire, and more, which can create a subtle elegance look. You can reference their Instagram post to get a better idea. This app helps create your photos within the same color scheme, which can create a theme on your page.
  • Afterlight — This photo editing app that focuses on nature and outdoor photography. It is a great tool to use if you’re photographing the outdoors, buildings, landmarks, and wanting to make your content more of a mystic, dreamy feeling. Check out their Instagram to get a better idea.
  • Enlight — A free iPhone photo editing app. This app is great for those who like to think outside the box and get creative by designing a different background, adding abstract, or creating illusion. This app makes a photo look more like art versus just a photograph. Check out this post to get a better idea on what this app can do.
  • Facetune — A photo and image retouching iPhone app. Where they can “make every selfie look amazing.” This app is used by over 100 million people and has become the #1 selfie editing app – it can help smooth your skin, whiten teeth, swipe away blemishes, and contour features. You can even add makeup! If you are about to do a selfie and post it on social media, and there is something on your face that you are wanting to fix, this app is great to conquer those blemishes before pressing “post”.
  • Over — A tool that can help overlay, add, and edit text on photos. Create professional ads, branded content, and seamless stories. This app is available on desktop and mobile. This is great for building Instagram stories, posts with texts on image, and they offer a few free edits per option. This is a great tool when beginning to make posts that market your business and start to get the creative wheels rolling when starting to use stories on Instagram. This app has the ability to collaborate by giving and receiving feedback from others before sharing it to the public. So if you are still unsure about that one post, go ahead and send it to your team and get some feedback.
  • Placeit — Create iPhone, iPad, and other device mockup templates. This site offers a ready-to-use template to download your design. It also helps create logos, t-shirts designs, video intros, and more.
  • Snapseed — A free iPhone and iPad photo editing app with filters. Some professional photo editor tools that they include are: Curves, White Balance, and RAW editing.
  • TouchRetouch —  An app available on mobile and MAC that can remove unwanted blemishes & objects from your photos. Great for eliminating distractions in your photos, such as trash, phone lines, and much more. Only those items you want gone, and content around them, will be carefully marked away.
  • Unfold — A mobile app and toolkit for creating Instagram Stories. This app has features that can create engaging stories. By allowing you to edit your photos and videos with filters, to use text tools with a variety of fonts and styles, and to export your stories that can be easily shared on platforms.
  • VSCO — This photo and video editing app also provides a community for creators. People can post their photos on the VSCO app, after using the tools. This app has a limited amount of free filters.
  • Word Swag — A photo app that helps you overlay, add, and edit text and design photos. It includes an exclusive Typotmatic™ Engine where you can create custom text layouts within seconds. Note: A subscription is required to remove their watermark from your photo.
  • Canva - templates for social media posts and stories, presentations, flyers, posters, and more to help with designing and marketing.

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