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How to manage your projects

Your Margo dashboard is an excellent place to manage all of your marketing projects. Easily filter projects by their marketing stage, or search them by name at the top right.

As you progress through projects, update their status to move them through the columns: To Do, In Progress, Review, and Complete. You can also set the status to Backlog, and they'll be moved into into your Backlog tab to keep them neatly saved for later. As you complete projects, you can archive them one-by-one, or archive all projects in the Complete column at once.

When creating a new project, you'll be presented with fields for the Project Name, Description, and an optional URL. (The URL is perfect if you're referring to a Google Doc!) You also have the option to add relevant file attachments. Add tasks to break down the project into more manageable pieces, and watch your progress in the completion bar as you check them off. In the comments section, you can attach files or links as well.

For ongoing projects, you have the option to set them to repeat. All projects are organized by due date within your columns, as a helpful way to prioritize what's coming next. Add any relevant teammates under "Project Team," and set a reviewer for when the project is ready to be approved.

One feature you'll find in progress is the "Add from Project Templates" tab. This tab will offer a variety of project types to choose from. Once you select a project type from the templates, all of the subtasks necessary for that project will be applied. You can always add more tasks as needed, but the idea is we're providing a framework for you to accomplish your projects.

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