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Hello 10Words

What is 10Words?

In their words and style: 10words: Discover new apps and startups in 10 words or less

It's a fairly minimal website and platform that focuses on the goal — help people discover new apps and start-ups. Created by Chris Beauchamp, 10Words was inspired by a post by @adithvictor on IndieHackers. As he says:

"We can tell right away if we want to check out a startup further, so why not cut straight to the point?"

Margo is featured on 10Words today!

In honor of Margo's debut into 10Words archives today, it seems like a perfect opportunity to help our community submit their own project and have a potential feature moment for themselves.

Why submit your project to 10Words?

When you're building something new, getting your project or company featured can help you reach new audiences and create new awareness for your idea outside of your current network and audience. 10Words, like ProductHunt, BetaList, and others, aggregate projects and have audiences of early adopters or curious experimenters who enjoy scouting and exploring new apps and start-ups.

Reach new audiences with 10Words

There is a WIDE range of projects that are submitted and featured, with an even wider range of different types of users on their newsletter and social media networks. Those who are actively engaged in their content are likely to be other start-ups founders themselves, enjoy building and exploring new technology, or want to scout new trends and ideas in their space. This does not mean that everyone is going to be interested in what YOU have to offer, but you can use your submission content to help readers evaluate if they want to give it a look.

Submit your project to 10Words

In honor of Margo' highlight, we've created a 10Words Campaign for you to use to submit your own project to be featured.

Add the free 10Words campaign to your Margo dashboard.

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