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Marketing 101

Building your company architecture

What to have ready before completing your architecture in the dashboard.

Completing the company architecture section of your dashboard is an important part of your onboarding process with Margo. It helps us better understand your business before making marketing recommendations, but it also helps you to recognize your business goals. By taking the time to describe your business's mission, values, products, and competitors, you'll feel more focused than ever on what sets your company apart.

Before starting your architecture, it helps to have a few things prepared.

  • Brand vision
  • Company values
  • Brand story
  • Customer challenges
  • Competitors
  • Your audience
  • Product offerings

If you're not sure how to answer every prompt — don't worry! There are plenty of small businesses that haven't honed in on who their target audience is, or who haven't identified competitors just yet. We'll help you along the way. After all, marketing is a journey.

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