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Product Updates

Bugs and user experience updates

New project tab details are here! We are starting to roll out new updates to project tracking. When projects are created as part of campaigns, the global campaign data is added to the secondary details tab.

Part of pushing out product updates quickly means we need to go back in and tidy things up as well. Our major updates this week have been focused on user experience in navigating between areas within the Margo dashboard.

  • Updated channel tracking formatting on company overview tab on the Margo Architecture
  • Relocated project invitations and add-ons within the top navigation and account settings page
  • Design and layout updates to public teammate profiles

We also added more help and support functionality. After leaving Intercom earlier this year when our start-up plan price increased, we wanted to think about how we could embed support within the Margo dashboard experience. Now you can click on the information icon (i) to ask a question or report a bug in the dashboard.

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