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Add more value to your content with these transcription services

Want to give your audience multiple ways to get value from your content and make it more accessible? Turn your videos and audios into transcripts using any one of these transcription companies.

  • Rev — Transcription service for audio and video recordings. Transcription is $1.25 per minute, captions for your videos are $1.25 per minute, and foreign subtitles are $3-$7 per minute.
  • Upwork — Global and virtual freelancing platform that can help you find a transcriber. A space to find work, to post a job and hire a professional, buy a project instantly, or have Upwork help find you the help you need. Upwork shares resources for those hiring and those who want to be hired.
  • Transcript Divas — Transcription services. This platform offers Academic Transcription Services, Video Transcription Services, and Legal Transcription Services. All of the services are 200% guaranteed on accuracy and timelines.
  • Verbalink — Transcription, translation, and editing services. Transcription services are offered at $1.50 per minute. They offer over 200 languages available to be translated within any project. Editing services are available for copywriting, editing, proofreading, and subtitling by putting captions over your videos. To get an instant quote for a transcription you can drag and drop or upload a video, and the platform can give you an instant quote.
  • Trint — Automated transcription service for audio and video recordings that uses AI technology to generate searchable and editable transcripts. Artificial intelligence is used to automatically transcribe spoken words within 31 languages. Trint is also offered as an app for iPhones. Within the app, you can dial and record phone calls, upload audio or video files, and read transcripts and download audio files directly to your phone.
  • Zubtitle — Captioning and headlines for social media videos. Zubtitle shares that 80% of videos are watched on mute, so it is important to have attention grabbers when the audio is off. This program can help add headlines, captions, a progress bar, your logo, and help resize your video.
  • Speakflow — A teleprompter software. This can help you give presentations, read scripts, and speak publicly.  As you speak the page will follow you along. No need to speed read through the script. This can be used on many different browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome. It features multi-language support where you can write and read in different languages. You can create and save your scripts, and also add bold or italics to your writing. The remote mode feature allows you to open the script on one device and control it from a different one.
  • -  A tool that allows teams to collaborate and improve productivity. You can use as a place to record all the meeting notes, including interviews, and lectures. Within this tool you can purchase the individual, business, or educational services.  

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