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3 Things To Do This Week

1. Make a meme

Connect with your audience and improve social media engagement

It's a fun way to work on your social content. An easy way to get started is by choosing a popular meme trend and remixing it to suit your product and audience. Memes are best used in social posts, but can also work in email campaigns. Memes are all about relating to your audience, and making your brand feel human and personable. Just be sure that the meme you create fits with the voice of your company.

Some ideas:

  • "How it started" vs "How it's going" image side-by-sides
  • Hyperbole — think an entire cart or room full of your product to promote a sale. "When I say I'm just going to ___ for a few things."
  • "You vs the guy she told you not to worry about" image side-by-sides
Dolly Parton in a princess costume wavings. Reads: Us when the Fedex guy arrives.
@winc wines

2. Feature a woman from your organization

For International Women's Day March 8th

Whether it be a blog or social post, International Women's Day is a great opportunity to show some appreciation for an employee or top customer. A Q&A or profile are good ways to do this. Other ideas could be an Instagram reel of an interview, or giving credit where it's due by shouting out female employees responsible for big wins in the business. The main thing you want to avoid is pandering. (You should appreciate these employees all year long as well!) International Women's Day is Tuesday, March 8th, 2022, but Women's History Month lasts the whole month of March.

P.S. St. Patrick's Day is coming soon. Have a connection to green, luck, or the Irish? Perhaps there's a fun content opportunity.

3. Re-share past content

Connect former content to the current moment with fresh captions

We spend so much time planning and building content, let's make the most of it. Choose a blog post or other piece of content from 3+ months ago and share it to your feeds with a new caption. Nobody will notice that they've already seen the content, and if they do? They could use a reminder anyway. Just make sure the content is still relevant. Nobody wants to see a holiday post out of season! 

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