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3 Marketing Projects to Kick Off This Week

1. Update the imagery on your website homepage 

With changing seasons, it might be time to switch up the imagery on your website home page. Spring is an exciting time of growth, so why not reflect that? Keeping consistency is important, so don’t opt for any image that would be off-brand for your company. You’ll be looking for something new, but with some visual similarities. Refreshing the images on your home page tells clients that you’re active, and continuing to innovate and evolve! Better to change it before it starts to look outdated.

2. Create a client feedback survey

We know, we know. Who fills out surveys anyway? Well, if you’re not making them easily accessible, nobody. Take the time to set up a survey process. What are the important questions you need to be answered? This could cover anything from NPS scores to leaving reviews of the services they’ve received. You’ll want the survey to take 5 minutes or less to avoid dropoff, and so that you can market it as taking only a few minutes. 

Set surveys to send automatically. After an order, a delivery, or a support interaction, it’s best to set-and-forget survey invitations in order to get responses. 

If you’re doing more intensive research for something like product development, it might make sense to find room in your budget to incentivize survey responders. For example, Ritual Vitamins sent a survey out to loyal customers that was quite intensive (almost 20 minutes!) But it was asking for consumer opinions on what product they wanted to see next from the brand, what they would buy, and how they would use it. Respondents were entered for a chance to win an Amazon gift card for over $100. Not only did this give responders an incentive to complete the survey, but it also made them feel like a valued part of the product development process.

3. Build highlights on your Instagram account 

If you’re not utilizing your Instagram highlights, you’re not making the most of the content that you create for Instagram stories. The first step is to make sure your settings are enabled to archive all stories. From there, think of some highlight categories that would make sense for your business. This could be based on products, user-generated content (as seen in the wild), reviews, or even tutorials. Define these topics, and then start adding relevant stories to them. This way your 24-hour story becomes a bit more evergreen, and when new potential customers are browsing your page, they have plenty to look through.

Bonus points for creating cohesive cover images for the stories! There’s plenty of opportunity to have some fun with styling. You could use each of your brand colors for each highlight, or a similar style image with the same font or icon overlaying it. For simple designs like this, try using Canva or Over. Or there are plenty of highlight icon packs available for sale online.

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