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3 Marketing Projects to Kick Off This Week

1. Review Q1 Marketing and Start Planning Q2

There’s so much to be said about planning, but we’ll just insert a quote here. “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Marketing is tricky enough, don’t leave all of your tactics to chance by reacting moment by moment. Take a look back at the year, and see which strategies proved to be most effective. Maybe there was a big push that paid off, but perhaps it was too much work to maintain each quarter. Maybe there were some easy wins that didn’t have the biggest reward, but they were more sustainable. In planning Q2, you’ll want to choose a balance of big ideas and manageable efforts so that you can keep your stride without overcommitting — because we all know unexpected things happen that require our attention.

2. Spring Holidays

As we start to gear up for warmer weather, now’s the time to keep spring holidays in mind. With spring break on the horizon, you’ll want to be sure to set client expectations for employee vacations and office closures. Ensure that your team is on the same page with setting up cohesive auto-responders for holidays and their vacation time. 

Would a Mother’s Day campaign align with your product and audience? Maybe April Fools? Gift guides are a great opportunity to feature products for holidays that customers may not have thought of. This is a great opportunity to put your springtime photo update to good use! 

3. Create a Frequently Asked Questions Page

An idea that takes some time, but ultimately saves so much more. Connect with your team and make a list of the questions that are most frequently asked by clients and prospective prospects. Start with just 5 if this feels a bit intimidating! Draft company-standard responses that are detailed and written in the brand voice. Then create a webpage on your site where these FAQs can live. Now, whenever a sales rep gets a common question, they can redirect clients to help articles, or simply copy-paste from the list. It’s a great way to keep a directory. Be sure to add a link to the FAQs in your footer navigation, as that’s where people know to look. 

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