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3 Marketing Projects to Kick Off This Week

Now that spring is here, it's an excellent time to refresh your marketing collateral. Here are a few ideas of what to tackle this week. 

1. Refresh Your Product Photography

If you’re planning any new releases this season, be sure to keep those in mind as you plan your photography session. As a first step, start to research photographers and build your shot list. When looking for photographers, it’s important to keep your budget in mind, but also your company’s style. Choose a photographer whose aesthetic aligns with your brand — most photographers won’t change their editing style for every client. As you build your shot list, think of what products are in need of new imagery, if you want to focus on more lifestyle photography, or if you have any special content ideas coming up. 

2. Tease Your Newest Product in Your Next Email Campaign

Now is a great time to highlight a new feature, product offering, or service. If you have a product launch you're planning, you can use this opportunity to pique your audience's interest. If your latest release has been out for a while, show off its success by highlighting customer testimonials. Be sure to plan some additional content to go with the email, like social posts or blog announcements. Keep the imagery in the email campaign fun, or even add a video if relevant! 

3. Spring Clean Your About Page

Oftentimes the about section of your company website is an area that people set and forget. If it’s been a while, take a look to make sure that your about page is the best representation of your business. Does the text still fit the company tone? Are there big milestones missing? Here are some pointers making your about page more engaging.

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