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3, 2, 1 — Two weeks til liftoff

We're looking at the last two weeks of the year — it's not the ideal time to kickstart a bunch of big, new projects, but that doesn't mean you have to give up completely.

3 ways to get ahead for 2023 

Prioritize your goals

It's easy to slip into a routine — or sticking with nothing at all — when we aren't clear about where we want to be in the coming weeks or months. Once you have clarity about your organization's big picture, how can marketing help you get there?  

Prioritize your marketing where it will make the most impact. Are you hoping for a larger audience, faster sales conversion, or higher value customers? 

Get closer to your customer

The more you (and your team) understand your audience's problems, desires, and decision factors, the more fine tuned your content can be to engage, and ultimately convert them into happy customers. 

Next time you interact with a customer (IRL or online), think about how you can get to know them, or their perspective, better. 


Review what worked

It's not completely over, but that doesn't mean you aren't already thinking about what activities you're continuing, or maybe starting in 2023.

Even without digging into any analytics, think about what channels seemed to be most effective, what messages resonated with your audience, or what project was too much of a pain in the tush to even consider again. 


2 ideas to make the most out of 2022

Say thank you to your most valuable customers (and your team)

It doesn't need to be fancy or cost a thing to be meaningful or heartfelt — yes, even a simple message is enough.

This is a great time to reflect on any memorable moments or preview anything coming up in the new year. 


Prep your communication channels for the holidays

If you have content scheduled through the holidays, it's worth reviewing for any additional updates before holiday schedules (or unexpected hiccups) arise.

Beyond that, if you or your team are going to be checking out around the holidays, tap in support for managing general inbox and social media queries or comments. Consider setting out of office messages where relevant.

1 thing for you to think about while eating bonbons next week

Whatever traditions your year-end celebrations include, the new year is a nice time to reflect, reconnect, and reengage with a bit of fresh energy.

Where can your business use a bit of that fresh perspective?

What's new in Margo this week?

  • We added automated monthly reminders to update your actual revenues in your marketing budget
  • Assign expenses to specific campaigns or products for easier tracking
  • In your growth plan, you can now create custom marketing tactics if something in the tactic library doesn't fit your needs
  • Create personalized campaigns based on your marketing challenges 

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