CMO Membership

From helping to navigate your marketing strategy and project plan to reviewing and providing feedback on your results, your dedicated Margo Partner will be there to offer guided support along your marketing journey. Your Margo Team includes high-level marketing and creative strategists, project managers, and technical experts to help you navigate the many challenges of building a business.


• Build marketing architecture and get expert feedback to align your marketing efforts with your business goals

• Customized insights on your existing brand materials

• Custom marketing strategy for email, website, social media, and earned media


• Dedicated Margo Partner and community support Monthly project plan for email, website, social media, and earned media

• Project templates, step-by-step guidance, and copy samplesCustom dashboard to connect with your Margo team and focus on the next taskVirtual 15-minute check-in 1x per week (optional but recommended)

• Concierge matching and project manager support with Margo Network Project manager support when using freelancer network

• Asynchronous documented feedback delivered via loom video or notesPriority support (including evenings and weekends)

• Access to weekly video trainings, in-depth marketing knowledge baseUnlimited dashboard users

Reporting Add Ons
(Coming Soon)

• Monthly marketing budget analysis

• Monthly email marketing, social media, and website activity analysis

• Monthly project and goals review

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