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For small businesses & early stage start-ups

Flexible, modular marketing support

One cohesive, dashboard powered by experienced marketers to guide you in managing your marketing program, even if you’re starting from scratch - especially if you’re starting from scratch.

Experienced marketing specialists

Goal-oriented projects

Marketing concierge support

Templates and swipe-file library

Start where you are, go your pace

Network of vetted freelancers

Margo Growth Grant

We believe every founder should have access to marketing experts to grow their business - but not everyone starts their company with the resources or support.

Applications close July 15, 2021

$1000 Cash Grant

Pro Subscription + Brand Audit

Credit for Freelance Network

In your two week free trial, you'll

Connect 1-1 with a marketing specialist in a video onboarding session

Complete digital discovery and build marketing architecture

Start implementing your marketing projects

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About our Founder

Paige Hewlett, Founder of Margo

Paige Hewlett is a marketing leader, entrepreneur, professor, and start-up advisor. She is currently building Margo, a digital marketing resource for small to mid-size companies. Most recently Paige was the Vice President of Marketing at Phylos where she led marketing, product management, and the development of their triple bottom line program. Prior to Phylos, she spent 10 years as the founder of a marketing firm specialized in launching early-stage B2B technology startups before joining Mirador Financial (acquired by CUNA Mutual Group) as Head of Marketing. At heart, she’s a storyteller, bringing the strands of a business together to connect with customers, impact the bottom line, and add value across the organization. Paige has an undergraduate degree in international business, a Masters in marketing, and a Masters in international economics from Texas A&M University. You find Paige on LinkedIn and Twitter.