When it’s time to build, we lean on reliable partners.

If you’re a marketer looking to help SMB brands build out marketing plans, content, and campaigns, join our partners network.
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We connect talented marketers to growing SMBs and start-ups
Developing marketing plans for a new or small business is no easy feat — that’s where you come in. Margo’s network of experienced marketing leaders and operators connects industry experts (you!) to SMB brands so you can help them bring their ideas to life.

Why join the Margo Network

Potential benefits:

  • Work with new and different brands on project-based, or long-term work
  • Get paid to do what you’re good at and what you love
  • Build out a robust marketing portfolio
  • Access to support from the margo team on anything from projects to platform
  • Connect with hundreds of other freelance and contract marketers through our platform and on the margo Network Slack group

Frequently Asked Questions

What is margo?
Margo is a marketing orchestration platform that demystifies the work of marketing by bringing strategizing and planning, content production, scheduling, and more into one location. Our all-in-one marketing management dashboard helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses, one step at a time.
How do I join the margo network?
1. Sign up and share more about your work and experience
2. Margo team reviews your submission and schedules time to connect
3. Set up account and complete profile
Is joining the margo Network free?
Yes! Margo is free for freelancers.
How big is the margo Network commitment?
You approve a new project request, so you can choose how much time to commit.
How many projects can I take on at once?
While there is no limit to the number of projects you can have at any given time, giving clients a great experience is the highest priority — if your project feedback notes are showing a challenge with production — your project availability may be limited, or you’ll be removed from the platform.
Are projects short or long-term?
Some of both. Sometimes short or one-time projects turn into ongoing work.
How much can I expect to make?
Set your own hourly rates. Here’s some guidance to the rate range we see for different types of activities, but you choose your hourly or project based rate.
How does joining the margo Network benefit me and my career?
• Different types of clients/projects
• Experience different industries
• Build a portfolio
I’m a margo subscriber. How does the Network work?
Learn more on our pricing page

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