Is margo the right marketing solution for your company?

by Paige Hewlett in October 15th, 2020

At margo, we try to be pretty sparing with analogies, because they’re often cheesy and overwrought. 

But bear with us for a moment. 

Starting a company is like riding a bicycle. Not because once you learn how to do it you never forget. Because it’s a mode of transportation, and you’ve got places to go. 

Not having a marketing plan is like not having a bicycle, or like being a tree falling in the forest when no one’s around to hear it. 

(Maybe we just stick to the bicycle.)

Inertia inhibits growth. You’re stuck right where you are. 

So you’ve decided you need a bicycle! Great. Choices:

Build your own. Yes, impressive, DIY, brew your own kombucha and roast your own coffee, we get it. But do you really know how to build a bicycle? What if you don’t know the wheels have to be round and not square? What if you put the handlebars on the back, and not the front? What other more productive and important thing could you be doing instead of watching YouTube videos about building bicycles? 

So you need a little help. More fun choices: 

Hire a bicycle builder. Yes, impressive, you have your very own builder of bicycles! But do you really want to slog through the whole journey of posting Craigslist ads for bicycle builders and then interview a bunch of twee mustachioed hipsters and commit to the hiring and health care and 401k of the very best twee mustachioed hipsters just for your one company and one mode of transportation? 

Maybe you need only buy a bicycle from an already established bicycle company. (This part of our feeble analogy is a reference to hiring a big fancy marketing agency.) And awesome! You’re getting a brand new shiny chrome fendered BICYCLE and you pedal it off the lot and away you go, smiling and waving at all the friendly people on the street who are so proud of you for saving the planet and being One Less Car!

But then the bike breaks down. 

Because you didn’t oil the chain, because you don’t know how to do that and don’t have any oil, and it bounced off the sprocket and got caught up in the gears and flung you off the bike and into a blackberry bush. Because you didn’t watch any YouTube videos and you don’t have your own in-house bicycle mechanic, you’re back to the already established bicycle company (the big fancy marketing agency.) And they want more money! And you’re out of money. So your bike sits in the garage, neglected and gathering dust, and you’re forced to sell it for parts and go get a job at Starbucks, because it’s within walking distance of your condominium. (Too much?) 

But wait! 

It turns out your 15-year-old neighbor, Jethro, fancies himself a bike mechanic. So you hire a freelancer. And Jethro charges you only $3 an hour to come and fix that sucker right up and make it good as new again and you quit your job at Starbucks and throw your apron at the manager on your way out. Jethro gets right to work on your bicycle and you just know everything is gonna go smoothly from here on out. 

Jethro does his best. He really does. 

He gets the chain back into place and plucks blackberry thorns out of your arms for no extra charge and you are BACK ON THE ROAD, BABY. But what Jethro couldn’t possibly have anticipated is the long-term damage that little chain mishap did to the rear derailleur (that is an official French word; look it up) and so even though you are indeed pedaling down the road and people are still waving and smiling at you for saving the planet, the gears just don’t shift quite right. (Feeble analogy: you’re not growing the way you want, or as fast as you want.) 

So maybe Jethro wasn’t such a bargain, after all.

What about margo?

Better than just a bicycle, margo is the engine that builds momentum and growth. Informed by the collective experience of a team of experts in healthcare, biotech, software, fintech and journalism, margo provides the support you need, affordably. 

Our monthly subscription is like a retainer, but well, better. Your margo subscription includes:

Your margo dashboard

Through your account you’ll have access to your customized marketing strategy, a built for you work plan, and the entire library of your marketing assets and resources. Within your dashboard you can chat with our team, access additional marketing knowledge resources, and manage your ongoing work plan and activities. 

Production feedback and concierge support

As you work through tasks within the work plan, our team provides an additional marketing edit – checking for keywords, tone, and other variables depending on the format or file type. Have a question as you’re going through tasks, or run into something unexpected? Our team is available via chat and email, in addition to regular phone or video check-ins to guide your ongoing work plan. Building a business, things never land exactly as you imagine, so we’re regularly reviewing your data and results to update and evaluate any potential refinements or opportunities. 

Partnership through the unexpected

Every business has had to make changes operationally in some way this year. We’re closely watching trends, current events, and industry chatter to better guide and prepare you for success no matter what’s thrown your way. You don’t always know when something is coming, but we’re ready to support your pivot, the tough conversations, and guiding your marketing growth and communications through even the most unexpected moments.