About Margo

Margo is the marketing orchestration platform that demystifies the work of marketing by bringing strategizing and planning, content production, scheduling, and more into one location.

Whether you're already doing some marketing, wouldn't know where to start or have a marketing team that just needs to do more with less, Margo will work for you.

All at an affordable, flat monthly rate.

Our story

Margo’s story begins in a way similar to that of many businesses, including many of our clients — sitting around the kitchen table, chatting casually with a friend about their new idea and the hurdles in the way.

“I know this is the right solution, but I can’t figure out how to get people’s attention,” they said. 

The friend went on. “The marketing agencies I’ve been getting quotes from charge thousands of dollars a month, which I cannot afford.”

To help this friend and other business leaders grow their revenues, founder of Margo, Paige Hewlett, began widely sharing her knowledge about the building blocks of marketing. 

She started with a weekly email newsletter sharing best practices and recommendations. Paige also made an open door policy welcoming readers to share with her, anything marketing related, and that she’d provide feedback. 

Over time, Paige’s reader community grew to upwards of 25,000 entrepreneurs all over the world. Small businesses, community visionaries, and pre-funding start-ups have and are leveraging Paige’s courses, writings, and expertise.  

Marketing, however, can feel like a big dragon to slay, especially when your main focus is on your core business. Everything from searching for creative freelancers to understanding marketing lingo and analytics to interpret return on investment can just be too much sometimes. And when 2020 rolled around, the pandemic magnified the challenges of most businesses, making the need for marketing even more urgent.

Paige knew the time had come for a real solution — something that would shift the paradigm on marketing and demystify it for non-marketers. 

To do that, though, Paige would have to support her community more directly. Which is what led her to set out creating a robust, all-digital way to make marketing more accessible, ultimately making businesses more resilient and putting them on paths for wild success. 

Today Paige has a solution that does just that — Margo. 

Margo is a full-service platform backed by marketing experts who help you produce great marketing each step of the way so you can achieve your goals. Start for free today.

And Paige's team still sends out that e-newsletter, chock-full of suggestions, resources and support.

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Meet our Founder

Paige Hewlett is founder and CEO of Margo. 

Paige is a marketing leader, entrepreneur, start-up advisor, university professor and has more than a decade of experience. She has a superpower creating connections that attract audiences to products and services and convert them to customers who grow revenue.

Marketing isn’t smoke-blowing and wand-waving hoodwinks. No, attracting, engaging, and delighting your customer is a scientific process that allows you to meet the goals of your business. This is true whether you’re a one-woman show, a tight-knit team, or scaling for the vision of a global expansion. 

Paige anticipated embarking on a sojourn in Portugal in 2020, when coronavirus threw a wrench in her plans. Instead, she got to work — on a vision she had for Margo. She started by constructing the framework and functionality for Margo.

Prior to Margo, Paige led marketing for cannabis biotech startup Phylos. In addition to marketing, she was responsible for product management, and development of the company's triple-bottom line initiative.

Paige previously spent years working in the marketing trenches, helping companies grow their revenues. Her experience includes founder of a boutique marketing agency, head of marketing for a fintech start-up, and leading product marketing for a global ecommerce product line. She is a mentor and advisor for businesses and incubators local to her in Portland, Oregon. She also serves stints as adjunct university professor. 

Paige earned an undergraduate degree in international business from Texas A&M University, as well as masters degrees in marketing and international economics. Find her on LinkedIn or send her an email.

She lives in Portland, Oregon with her two kids and crazy labradoodle, Rosie. One of the things she’s most looking forward to is actually taking that trip to Portugal one day.

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