About us

You could say we’re a little founder obsessed. It’s not limited to those launching venture scale companies. Every entrepreneur building a business, from makers, artists, small businesses, to yes, early stage start-ups, can benefit from a building a predictable revenue generation process. From reaching high-potential customers to building your community – marketing is revenue generation, customer engagement and retention, creative strategy, communications – and it can look a bit different at every company. 

Each company has different needs because each company has somewhat different goals – but for most businesses, growth and revenue generation specifically are critical.

Margo is a new kind of marketing partner, giving you the access to a full stack of expertise, at an affordable, flat monthly rate.

How we got started

Working as a marketing mentor within an accelerator, our founder Paige Hewlett, saw how inaccessible customized marketing support was for so many new businesses. She set out to create a more reasonable way for founders and business owners to get the marketing and growth partnership, feedback, and support to help them build a more resilient, and successful, business. 

What started as a simple email to connect and support founder friends has grown into a community of more than 10,000 independent business owners.