2021 Dates to Add to Your Content Calendar

in May 11th, 2021
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National holidays and celebratory events are a fun, educational, and helpful way to guide your content calendar. They’re also an opportunity to generate interest and awareness in your business. Certain dates contain significance – significance that could very well be linked to your brand or product – creating trends and pulling in audiences from across the internet that may otherwise miss out on your content.

Whether you’re planning for upcoming promotions or creating your social media calendar, there are many dates to schedule your campaigns around to boost engagement, help you relate to your audience, show your brand’s personality, and/or capture leads and sales. 

Though this may sound like an easy formula for planning, scheduling, and marketing your content, it’s essential to do so with true consideration and compassion. Showing sensitivity around days like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, for example, is a valuable way to connect with your customers. Val Geisler provides great examples of how some brands used empathy to guide their Mother’s Day email campaigns.

Authenticity is also important when deciding which dates to celebrate. How you and your business choose to celebrate Black History Month — or International Women’s Day or Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month or or or — has to come from you. And it requires asking yourself, and your team, some introspective questions. 

But, if you spend some time answering those questions, you’ll have a better understanding of how diversity plays a role in your brand and what role your brand can play in the larger conversation.

Whether it’s an opportunity to support a broader social or cultural moment, or perhaps have just a bit of fun on National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day (we’ve had a lot of practice this past year), we like to keep track of upcoming days and seasons that might be relevant for our active Margo clients. Here’s a quick glance at the next 30/60/90 days of social and cultural celebrations to help you brainstorm as you look ahead and put plans into action. 

30 Day 

60 Day

90+ Day

If you’re looking to celebrate some of the lesser-known ‘holidays’, Calendarr provides a comprehensive list.

P.S. You can schedule a free consult or start a free 14-day trial of our pro subscription. Our marketing experts can help narrow down what celebrations make sense for your product and your brand, or brainstorm creative ways to celebrate.